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NOW is a multi-issue political organization. NOW's self-defined role has been to initiate change for the benefit of the greatest number of people, to affect the legal and institutional structures of the society in a way that systematically expands the choices and possibilities available to all women.  In this way, NOW takes action to bring women, as a class, into the mainstream of society, rather than offering aid to individual women in achieving personal solutions or temporary relief from oppression.

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    New Executive officers were selected at the State Conference recently. Congratulations to the new group and a hearty Thank You to the hardworking and dedicated outgoing Board!

    Pres: Terry Sanders
    VP: Laura Fausone
    Sec: Meredith Ockman
    Treasurer: Shirley Ann Rawls
    Legislative Dir: Judi Marraccini
    Membership Dir: Mary Flanagan
    Communications Dir: Lisa Labbe
      Florida NOW is proud to announce that we have a new Archivist. For several years, FLNOW has been donating its old files to UF Libraries. This year, a Masters student in Women Studies, Tim D'Annecy took those files and digitized them and created a wiki, where they are indexed and searchable. More importantly, they are safe for herstory. Please see the wiki at
    If you have files to add to the archive, or just to tell Tim how amazing it is, you can contact him here.


         Call your Representative TODAY!

There are only ten days until the beginning of Special Session, during which budget negotiations will take place. We NEED you to call your Representative and urge them to do their job, and find a way to take the $50 billion and extend healthcare coverage to our lowest wage workers. A unique Florida solution is needed, and your phone call is vital.
  CALL your House Representative TODAY. If possible, SCHEDULE an appointment to see them before they return to Tallahassee.  
Tell them to take back Florida's money and keep our citizens healthy; it is a fiscal and a moral imperative for Florida! 
  • Florida must take our health care challenges on the FRONT END by finding a way to return Florida's $51 billion in federal funds to Florida to extend healthcare coverage to 800,000 low-income working Floridians
  • Doing so will support a healthy workforce with PREVENTIVE health insurance, thus helping people get healthy, and stay healthy...A hand up, not a handout, as our Senators have said.
  • Governor Scott has diverted attention to Low Income Pool (LIP), which is merely a band-aid. It is healthcare for catastrophic needs delivered in the emergency room. The Senate Plan tries to be proactive and help our 800,000 uncovered low wage earners get healthy AND get protected at the front end. This is less expensive, and much better for Florida families while fostering a competitive and profitable work environment.
  • LIP is NOT health care coverage

      Do You Need Help?
      The Florida National Organization for Women is a group dedicated to taking action to bring ALL women into full equality and participation through changing policy, law and culture.  This mission attracts women and men of diverse backgrounds and gives us the ability to look at the systemic oppression in our lives and determine actions that will bring about change for all women.
      Often, we are contacted by women and men who are facing "legal" situations, or in need of individual help.  Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide direct services, and for legal reasons we can not provide referrals for lawyers or other services.  If you need these services, please consider doing an internet search for local attorneys, referral services, legal aide, domestic violence shelters, or other terms that are appropriate for your individual situation. Good luck.


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State Council Meeting  
Aug 22nd

This will be an online council meeting using Go to Meeting. 

Details will be sent to chapter leaders.

All chapters are strongly encouraged to send a duly-elected delegation. See You There!
State Council Meetings are held quarterly. One meeting is held
during the State Conference.

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